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    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Marc and I in Mexico City...just finished a telethon for the amazing!!
    Etem Zorlu - Abril 03 2014 Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> ((( SU SUYU KALDIRIR. &#039;&#039; HİÇ BİR ENERJİ KULLANMADAN<span class='edit-tools' >... <a href='javascript: void(0);' onclick='seeMoreOnComment(this);�39; rel='nofollow'>Ver m&aacute;s</a></span> <span style='display:none;' >SUYU SUYA KALDIRTARAK İSTEDİĞİNİZ KADAR SUYU İSTEDİĞİNİZ YÜKSEKLİĞE ÇIKARMANIZ MÜMKÜNDÜR &#039;&#039; diyen ilk insan benim. ))) Vlachislav Tihanof <br />... Ver más Can you do me a favour finding out whether Turkey is selling electricity to (any of) its neighbours? I am labelled as insane and I am outcast. I was not allowed to do the experiment and it was one of the reasons for being labelled as insane.They sell electricity to Iraq and according to Bloomberg they have a deal to sell to Syria. Not sure why that would mark you as insane. They are doing it openly.Here is the idea that came to my mind in late 2000 or early 2001 : WATER LIFTS WATER ,Richard M. Nixon <br /> Insane are you? Welcome to my world and stop caring what other people think of you. You can always try Google for your research. But Turkey as a seller of power doesn&#039;t make sense. The government, along with outside investors, is constructing infrastructure and plants to provide power to it&#039;s own citizens. The demand is rising too. Your country probably BUYS power from the Russians. <br /> Of course, things that don&#039;t make sense are usually government policy. They sure are in the US! Historically, you live in the best area the planet has to offer. A true Eden if folks living there use their heads. <br /> <br /> Be and stay well, I hope that helped. Of course, my real answer is that I don&#039;t know.Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Here is the idea that came to my mind in late 2000 or early 2001 : WATER LIFTS WATER . Nixon <br /> Richard M. Nixon <br /> That&#039;s due to the temperature gradient as shown by.............................. <br /> Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Thank you , sir. I am sorry for being late. Can you tell me the meaning of those calculations in words? How much water lifts how much water?kicks <br /> Jesferkicks <br /> Currently Turkey has electricity by/sell agreements with: Azerbaijan <br /> Armenia <br /> Bulgaria <br /> Georgia <br /> Iran <br /> Iraq <br /> Syria <br /> <br /> and has plans for connections with Greece. <br /> <br /> Looks like the State of Turkey is getting out of some of the electricity business. It has already sold 20 of its electrical grids to private investors and now has 4 more up for bidding (Turkey is not restricting buyers to locals, companies from other countries are also submitting bids). <br /> <br /> Although she is selling abroad now it won&#039;t be for long. Turkish demand is estimated to exceed its electricity generation capacity this year. <br /> <br /> Source: Global Energy Network Institute (GENI) <br /> <a title="; target="_blank" href="; rel="nofollow">http://.... <br /> <br /> Jesferkicks <br /> Press to Test ... Release to Detonate <br /> Here is the idea that came to my mind in late 2000 or early 2001 : WATER LIFTS WATERDavid <br /> Many references to selling electrical power to Iraq: <br /> <br /> <a title="http://www.hurriyetdail...; target="_blank" href="; rel="nofollow">http://.... <br /> <br /> Other sites note plans to sell electrical power to Cyprus, although that seems a wee tad far-fetched to me. <br /> So far, all I found was that Turkey sold electricity to Greece for a few months... and now apparently they are arguing over an electricity debt that Greece has incurred over the years... it&#039;s a territorial dispute at the moment <br /> <a title="http://www.hurriyetdail...; target="_blank" href="; rel="nofollow">http://.... <br /> <a title="; target="_blank" href="; rel="nofollow">http://.... <br /> <br /> However, I do not see Turkey currently selling electricity to anyone..naked_and_barefoot N.I.T. <br /> Turkish energy company Kartet has secured a deal to export electricity to northern Iraq and has applied for an export license. That development could add to tensions between Baghdad and Ankara. <br /> <br /> Under the deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Kartet will supply 200 megawatts (MW) of electricity a year, sources said April 29, adding that the Turkish Energy Ministry had given its consent to the deal.eane ~PWCM~JLA <br /> Greg Deane ~PWCM~JLA <br /> Turkey does sell it to Iraq <br /> <a title="http://www.iraq-busines...; target="_blank" href="; rel="nofollow">http://.... <br /> <br /> Turkish Firms to Sell Electricity to Iraq <br /> Posted on 13 June 2013. Tags: Aksa, Electricity, Karadeniz Holdings, Kartet, Turkey <br /> Turkish Firms to Sell Electricity to Iraq <br /> By John Lee. <br /> The Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) has approved the applications of two Turkish companies, Aksa and Kartet, to export electricity to Iraq. <br /> The two companies will have the “equal rights” to export power to the Mosul region of Iraq, using the existing 154 kilovolt (kV) PS3-Zakho power transmission line. <br /> They will export around 2 billion kilowatt-hours annually. <br /> Kartet, a subsidiary of the Turkish conglomerate Karadeniz Holding, used to supply electricity to Iraq between 2003 and 2008, but security issues and a payment row reduced sales. <br /> Hasan Köktaş, the head of the EPDK, said that the Turkish exports of power to Iraq are worth an estimated 400 million Turkish Liras ($212 million). <br /> (Source: Hurriyet Daily News) <br /> Yes: <br /> <a title="http://www.iraqoilrepor...; target="_blank" href="; rel="nofollow">http://.... <br /> <br /> Another hint: Turkish energy company offers shares to public <br /> <br /> Aksa Energy, a Kazancı Holding company, announced it is ready to launch its first initial public offering, or IPO, at a press conference on Monday. <br /> <br /> The company will offer 13.5 percent of its shares to the public, as the stock will be offered to investors on May 13 and May 14. A total of 86 million shares will be sold at a price range of 4.9 liras to 7.2 liras. The nominal value of the shares stands at 86,000 Turkish Liras. <br /> <br /> While 70 percent of the shares will be sold to foreign investors, the rest will be offered to domestic buyers. <br /> This what I found in one search &quot;Turkish firm gets deal to sell electricity to KRG&quot;, they are planning to sell electricity to Northern Iraq. Iran is upset. <br /> In 2012 Turkey exported some 1.5 billion KWH of electricity.Maurice Tillman <br /> ...okay. Turkey is far away from here, sir. However, I can&#039;t find any information on that. So, probably not...What a weird question.Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Here is the idea that came to my mind in late 2000 or early 2001 : WATER LIFTS WATER <br /> I guess... I believe you are late, however. It has long been known that water lifts water...Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Thank you. How much water lifts how much water? <br /> lolololol...that depends on how much water needs to be lifted. If three cups of water needs to be lift, I guess it takes three cup of water to lift it or else the three cups of water will be too heavy for the lesser amount.av Tihanof <br /> Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> So you cannot imagine certain amount of water (four thousand litres) lift ten times or one hundrered times more than its own amount or even much more ( four hundred thousand litres or much more)? <br /> I live in Konya, Turkey. My email address is <br /> Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Etem Zorlu <br /> Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> 1-If the wife has anemia (semiplastic) and husbad is normal(ly healthy) they have sons, no daughter. 2-If the wife is born and grown up in the mountains of Afghanistan and husband born and grown up in a big city eating manipulated food, they have daughters, no son. There was another important reason causing one of the couple to be dominant and determining the sex of the child. I have forgotten what it is. Do you have an idea?LucyLucero <br /> The mothers give all their children an X, and it is up to the father to either give a X, or Y. Two X&#039;s will give you a girl, one X, and one Y will give you a boy. Biologically, the father determines the sex of the baby. So having two daughters has nothing to do with her anemia, or your area of living.Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> OK. It had nothing to do with her (my wife&#039;s) anemia then. I came accross two other women who had anemia and have sons and no daughters. What a coincidence.Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Thank you for your message. Being dominant during insemination determines the sex of the child. If the wife is dominant it is a daughter. If the husband is dominant it is a son....if youre talking &#039;dominate&#039; by gene pool - then i understand. If youre talking sexual positioning during intercourse - i disagree. <br /> Being dominant at that time is the result of years, decades, perhaps more than decades.snell/GOD &amp; COUNTRY-zero cliques <br /> so you ARE talking gene pool???I don&#039;t want to use monopolized words, because I am not a doctor. Like everyone else I know children take after their parents, uncles, grandparents and have the same or similar habbits.Kyoshiro Alexial Renkai <br /> Kyoshiro Alexial Renkai <br /> That&#039;s interesting. Did you arrange a controlled experiment to see whether or not this was true?I came accross three wives who have anemia and having sons but no daughters. I also came accross women from eastern Anatolia married to men from İzmir (Eagean Region) and having daughters and no sons. Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Thank you for your message. Being dominant during insemination determines the sex of the child. If the wife is dominant it is a daughter. If the husband is dominant it is a son.beavith1LOL! <br /> That explains my four daughters. <br /> When I tell my wife, tonight, she&#039;ll give me an extra big beating. <br /> Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Real women have daughters. Sir, How about trying to eat twice or more than your wife does if you want to have a son? Sir, If you want to have a son or sons, you must eat as much as possible and your wife must eat as little as possible. It is not difficult to predict the result of confrontations after one of the spouses has eaten like a pig/cow/ox and the other has eaten like a bird for a long time, is it? Which one do you think is easier, changing spouses or having two wives or changing eating habbits or doing nothing and having nothing to do like me? I have no idea. Nothing externally can cause a couple to have one sex or another its all about the chromosomes. So it doesn&#039;t matter where you live what you eat or your place of this to understand that the theory you stated makes no sense. ......Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Thank you for your message.If where you live and what you eat don&#039;t matter, how do the scientific facts you explained come to existance? Giannna <br /> the big bang theory .sb else:If conception is via intercourse, which one of the two climaxes first, would also make a difference as per newborn gender. <br /> Remember there is no 100% guarantee for the newborn gender, which means that your own statements are also inaccurate. <br /> Basically they should prefer daughters, for health reasons semiplastic is considered among aplastic types. <br /> Thank you for your message, sir. It is great. I suggest you should send it to a great philosopher who married to three semiplastic (anemia patient ) and three very wellqualified (born in the fields, not in hospitals and grown up in the forest) women. It is too difficult for me. However I would like to ask you 2 questions. 1-Do you have children from two or more wives? 2-Which one is more important, simplification or complexification?( Irrelevant answer): Where I come from we only marry 1 wife as I am but I thought I am helping you. <br /> I am not interested in getting into personal details. <br /> As per Simplicity or Complexity, I believe it is a matter of ones own interest as well as opportunities. <br /> A woman would always tend to become more complex, once given the opportunity, as they usually are.(Someone else):I just know that calsium makes the baby the SON.Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> Thank you for your message. Being dominant during insemination determines the sex of the child. If the wife is dominant it is a daughter. If the husband is dominant it is a son.and how&#039;s that? Dw I&#039;m not putting it down, I&#039;m interested in your theoryVlachislav Tihanof <br /> Real women have daughters.SenMizeri <br /> SenMizeri <br /> As a only son to four other daughters.... I cant disagree xDElisa Maria <br /> Elisa Maria <br /> Im sorry I don&#039;t know lolVlachislav Tihanof <br /> Thank you for your message ,Madam. Being dominant during insemination determines the sex of the child. If the wife is dominant it is a daughter. If the husband is dominant it is a son. This is the conclusion I came to after decades of observation (since 1988). Real women have daughters. Juicy, succulent, ardent, passionate women have daughters. Women who have the potential to have sex only once or twice a month have sons , no daughters. If a woman wants to have daughters and no sons, she must eat as much as possible and her husband must eat as little as possible. If they want to have sons and no daughters , the husband must eat as much as possible and the wife must eat as little as possible.JayLynx <br /> JayLynx <br /> No, sorry, I am not a doctor. But manipulated food has changing the normal course of nature. Pollution is in everything, food, water, air, and space fields ... and the politicians do not give a damn. Arya <br /> I have always been a very dominant and passionate woman. I have two sons and no daughters. There are exceptions to every rule, my friend. Vlachislav Tihanof <br /> I would rather say: 1-You don&#039;t have to answer. 2-Compare the places where you and your husband were grown up. 3-Did you have a bleeding disease, were you losing blood then? 4-Does he reach the climax mostly earlier than you do? 5-There will always be unknowns. Arya <br /> Well, he was my husband for 15 years, but he cheated on me so I divorced him. I actually do have what could be called a bleeding disease, it&#039;s called endometriosis.(P.S.: My wife was diagnozed to have two brain tumours at the beginning of 2003 and now she is completely plastic.) I live in Konya, Turkey. My email address is<span class='edit-tools' > <a href='javascript: void(0);' onclick='seeLessOnComment(this);�39; rel='nofollow'>ver menos</a></span></span>; ver menos
    Roger Tama Roger Tama texto de 18 niveles de infiernos. existe el infierno ? donde esta? (www.yogaespañ pagina desde 1-12-2009-total visitas-23.555.070
    Roger Tama Roger Tama www.yogaespañ ( la pagina desde 1-12-2009-total visitas 19.054.793). Si quieres tener amor, felicidad suerte, belleza, riqueza, salud, y larga vida, por favor mira esta pagina, aprende y practica. Yoga meditación , enseñaza gratuito meditacion de yoga en barcelona.master ((Psicofonía voces... Ver más desde el infierno
    ((Las Voces del Infierno-
    La Biblia , anunciaba la existencia del infierno, pero no describía los detalles del infierno. Jesucristo sólo dedicó 3 años a predicar la palabra de Dios. Sólo tres años y luego los romanos lo mataron. En tres años no tuvo tiempo de explicar todos los detalles del mensaje de Dios. Pero Buda estuvo cuarenta y nueve años transmitiendo el mensaje de Dios. En cuarenta y nueve años tuvo tiempo de dar todos los detalles del mensaje de Dios. Los dos transmitieron el mensaje de Dios. No importa Si es Jesucristo o Buda, los dos transmitieron el mensaje divino. Jesucristo, Buda y nosotros todos somos hijos de Dios. De un mismo Dios. Dios manda a todos sus hijos. En cada rincón del mundo hace una religión dependiendo de la cultura de la gente del lugar. Dios envía a sus hijos como mensajeros de su palabra a todos los rincones del mundo. Envía a sus hijos para transmitir su mensaje a los hombres. Hoy voy a hablar del infierno. El infierno tiene en total 18 niveles. Cada nivel del infierno, está hecho para pagar los diferentes delitos que se cometen. Cada uno de estos niveles, tiene un castigo y unos años de permanencia hasta que se pagan los delitos que se comenten. Por ejemplo el primer nivel del infierno. El tiempo es distinto que aquí en la tierra. Un día en el primer nivel del infierno, es como si hubieran pasado 3.750 años en la tierra. Sucesivamente, va aumentando a medida que vas subiendo de nivel. Así, en el segundo nivel del infierno, un día es como si pasaran 7.500 años aquí en la tierra. En el tercer nivel aumenta el doble y un año es equivalente a 15.000 años en la tierra. El cuarto nivel un día ya son 30.000 años de la tierra. Así sucesivamente hasta llegar al nivel 18. Cada nivel va aumentando el doble de años. Así ahora entendéis como funciona, el tiempo en el infierno no es el mismo que aquí en la tierra. Otro día os hablaré del paraíso y sus niveles.
    (Primer nivel )------del infierno: Cuando una persona dice mentiras y engaña a la gente, Esta persona debe permanecer 13.500.000.000 de años de los humanos en este nivel del infierno. Allí, cada día te sacan de la cárcel y con unas tenazas te cogen de la lengua y te la estiran hasta alargarla y te la cortan y luego te matan. No es como la cárcel de aquí en la tierra que los presos tienen todas las comodidades: cama, colchón, sábanas, mantas, tiene comida, tiene techo, tienen gimnasio, televisión... tienen de todo. Pero en la cárcel del infierno este "chollo" no existe. En el infierno, estás encerrado y cada día te sacan para torturarte y matarte. Luego resucitas y vuelven a sacarte de la cárcel para volver a torturarte y matarte. Todo es sufrimiento. Así sucesivamente hasta que cumplas tu condena. Durante 13.500.000.000 años tu debes morir cada día para resucitar de nuevo y cumplir con el castigo de este nivel. -----
    (Segundo nivel:)----- reservado para las personas que con su lengua o palabras engañan a las viudas para acostarse con ellas en contra de su voluntad o convencerlas para que se casen en contra de su voluntad. La violación es otro de los delitos que incluye este nivel del infierno. En este nivel tienes que permanecer durante de años y cada día te sacan de la cárcel para cortarte con tijeras los diez dedos de las manos y te dejan desangrándote hasta que te mueres. Este es el castigo para este nivel del infierno. -----
    (Tercer nivel:)-- ---en este nivel van aquellas personas que con sus actos y palabras incitan las peleas entre padres-hijos / hermanos y separas a las familias Si haces esto, el castigo que te espera es aplastarte en un árbol lleno de cuchillos que atraviesan tu cuerpo hasta que te desangras. Si tú haces esto, cuando mueras te espera este castigo durante de años. Cada día te sacan de la cárcel y te practican este castigo.------
    (Cuarto nivel: )-----En es ver menos
    Delwar Khan Delwar Khan u r the heart throb of millions of ppl
    Alberto Barbosa Alberto Barbosa Es muy buena, j-lo. Dios la biendiga!
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    De acuerdo con la teoría dioses, toda mujer que tiene un aborto, que mata a su propio hijo antes de nacer, en el Más Allá, después de su muerte, se le condena a permanecer en una piscina llena de sangre por mil años, por matar a su propio bebé.
    En la sociedad, el aborto es permitido por la ley, pero no en el Más Allá, el asesinato no está permitido.
    La mujer que tiene un aborto tendrá la misma frase. Ella no será capaz de reencarnar como un ser humano por un millón de años.
    Si no lo cree, un día usted verá si es verdad o no.
    No abortar bajo ninguna circunstancia. Si usted no desea tener el bebé, después de dar a luz, puede dar al bebé en adopción, pero no matan a él / ella. Vive y deja vivir.
    No matarás, bajo ninguna circunstancia.
    Si una mujer ha tenido un aborto y ahora se arrepiente, lo único que puede hacer es ayudar a otras personas. Estos buenos actos se debe dar en el nombre del bebé asesinado, esto es lo que dice la teoría budista.
    Créalo o no, la sentencia se sirve en su totalidad, no habrá ninguna amnistía. En la otra vida, no hay amnistía de ningún tipo.
    Después de un aborto, esa persona puede tener consecuencias físicas y psíquicas y lo que és más importante, tu conciencia no te perdonará.
    Muchas mujeres, después de un aborto, tienen una crisis, se vuelven locas, no pueden dormir, se sienten mal o se sienten como asesinas.
    Por esa razón, todas las mujeres, antes de tener un aborto, deben pensarlo.
    Si no quiere tener el bebé por cualquier motivo, deje que el bebé nazca, y deje que otras familias adopten al bebé y que puedan vivir felices.
    No hay ninguna razón para el asesinato.
    Las leyes humanas pueden perdonar este asesinato, pero no el más allá, la ley de Dios no perdonará.
    Tenga en cuenta que las leyes de Dios son más de las leyes humanas y el castigo de la otra vida es más duro y severo que las leyes humanas.
    Si no, pensar en ello antes de tener un aborto. Gracias. ver menos
    Rafael Alejandro Rafael Alejandro Que tengas una linda semana un abrazo desde Chile
    Rafael Alejandro Rafael Alejandro Que bella eres amiga te quiero mucho un abrazo de Chile un besito
    Mario Celis Mario Celis hola my reyna
    David Sanchez David Sanchez ha publicado una foto
    Elizabeth Hernande Galan Elizabeth Hernande Galan me encantan todos tus looks,eres muy guapa y tus hijos preciosos.....
    Luis Enrrique Becerra Castillo Luis Enrrique Becerra Castillo eres la mujer con la cual siempre he soñado
    Mary Vega Mary Vega megusta todas las canciones jennfer lopel
    F Virginia  Urbina P F Virginia Urbina P -------------------------------
    ---------you only jennifer-----------
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez To all my loyal followers - BIG things happening soon, so expect a lot more tweeting! Stay tuned! ;-)
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Such an amzin day! BGCA just named me 1st female spksperson along with Denzel. Here we are mugging. So proud!
    Genesis Paulet Berruz Loor Genesis Paulet Berruz Loor ollla guapa eres bonitaaa soy tu admiradora #1
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    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez RT @spacetesix15 Adorable! Mark cheering on his lady @JLO at their Kohls launch announcement.So sweet!
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Thank you! RT @NickyHilton @JLo and Marc Anthony just took the stage at the Carousel Ball. J Lo is flawless.
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Truth b known ure all bigger divas ha! RT @RyanSeacrest @JLo &i chattin tmrw trust me @YO_RANDYJACKSON much bigger diva
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    Roberto Saavedra Roberto Saavedra hola como estas ,cuando salimos
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    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Believe in urself & nvr listen to ppl when they say u can't do it! RT @calimexican @JLo how did u find the strength to keep auditioning
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez It'd b so fun to work w him. Kanye -when can you write THAT song for me? RT @OnlineJLoFan @JLO what about a track with @KanyeWest on it?
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez A bit early 4 the Santa wishlist Rob.. but it is 1 of my fav @Mariahcarey songs. RT @RobKardashian All I want for Christmas is You...@JLO
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez A bit early 4 the Santa wishlist Rob.. but it is 1 of my fav @Mariahcarey songs. RT @RobKardashian All I want for Christmas is You...@JLO
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Veracruz here we come! Can’t wait to see you
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez I like this-on it! RT @ J_gracious @JLo u need to record a club hit something girls could sing loud&show what theyre about in the club :)
    Ramiro Sánchez Navarro Ramiro Sánchez Navarro Qué bien Jennifer,pareciera que estás mirando algo muy importante.Que sigan tus éxitos.Cordialmente Ramiro.
    Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Thanks for the lovely welcome back to twitter! I’ve missed you lovers!
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